“You Ain’t Going Nowhere”



Crows mutter ghazals
in the morning rain.

The cat wants a vacation.
Albino skunks flutter and flee.
If you ever knew your name,
you have long forgotten.
Just before dawn pull the
blankets of forgetting tight.
How far the light
has fallen into darkness.
Your feet cannot find
that lonesome path.
Array your dreams in
splendor, lie still
as a broken stone.
The omens portend that
you belong like love
to just this nowhere,
so be no one at all.
Let the cassowaries condemn.
Let the memories melt.
Ring all the broken bells.
Accept morning’s arrival.
Let it all come to nothing.
You are silently on your way
to exactly where you are.

Where else can you be?
The truth and only the truth.
No one else’s crows
will ever sing to you.




Photo credit: Crows


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