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What The Body Remembers

Rachel Deering

A cormorant reads the runes

before fishing, fastening magic

to wing and beak, his body 

recalls the water, 

how the cold envelops, 

neck outstretched 

as a divining rod, the shimmer

of silver locked in his eye, and

into the soup of the river,

this sea raven dives, into

the echo of another reminder. 

Today, I have stored the wind

in the pink burn of my cheeks,

one slick, black plume

tucked behind my ribs, 

the gravity of the morning

gripped in the soles of my feet.

One more memory is stitched

to sinew – these moments

are a necessity when my bones

are lighter in the absence 

of the marrow of safety, for a body

that does not remember love. 

Rachel Deering

Rachel Deering lives in Bath with a cat. She loves nature, history, mythology and folklore. She can often be found wandering the countryside looking at birds. 

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