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welcomes you to explore an exceptional range of voices. Current events disallow a total escape for the harsh realities facing millions of people across the globe, from Hong Kong to Minneapolis.  The will for the right to decency, respect and legal fairness and responsible political leadership that holds itself to account is the common ground of our humanity.  As a growing community of journalists, writers, photographers, artists and performers, R A R E   S W A N   P R E S S   and  L I T E R A T I   M A G A Z I N E  are proud to be a safe haven for imagination and artistry.

Truth is impartial and it never pretty, which is why we created D I S S E N T I E N T.  Our publishing ethos is unapologetically rooted in principles of liberty and humanism.

For as long as necessary STORIES IN THE TIME OF A PANDEMIC will cover topical and critical stories globally.

We look forward to your company. Please share generously; our artists, writers and poets deserve all the support in the world.



The Literati Magazine Team.