Voter’s Vantage

S T O R I E S   I N   T H E   E R A   O F   A   P A N D E M I C



P H O T O    E S S A Y

C I T Y   O F   M I L W A U K E E


H A N N A H   B I L L E R


The story behind this essay  . . .
I like so many others were enraged with the news that the primary election polls would still be open during the stay at home order. I was lucky and received my absentee ballot prior but my partner wasn’t so lucky.
On April 7th, my partner came home from waiting in line for hours to vote to tell me I needed to see this. I only live a short couple blocks away from Riverside University High School and I decided to bring my camera along to see if I could document anything.

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There was so many people in line, so many people complaining of their absentee ballot never coming, people handing out masks to one another, plethora of elderly individuals, and many holding up signs in protest.
The overall mood in the park that day was haunting, there was almost absolute silence as people slowly moved up in line one by one. I felt it was important to document that moment in time for myself and others.
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