P A U L  S.L.  B R O O K E S


Steam-fog and mist hovered
above carpet threads needing a cut.
now Autumn; gusted tiles from the roof
litter across her garden.
that September she’d wanted
her Roof repaired. her Home wintered
naked until the tiles grew again in Spring.

– a few months left the doctor said.
wardrobes and cupboards.
Coppicing the nature she collected
in her home, to encourage diversification:
His refusal to neglect . . .

Her windows ripple as if a stone wangs
against the pane, as Rain falls in broken glass.
“Stay here. You have nowhere else to go.
I’ll help you move.” she said, when his landlord
had thrown him out.


Photo credit: ‘Dress up’ by Timster, 1973