Three Viral Time Poems



S T O R I E S   I N   T H E   T I M E   O F   A   P A N D E M I C 



P A U L   S .   L .   B R O O K E S 


Burly Man

charges into the shop
over the floor signs saying “Exit Only”,
picks up a couple of bags of plain flour,
And surges forward to my till.

Excuse me, sir. Please can you follow
The arrows back round.

But I’m here now, he says.

You need to go back round.

But I’ve already been in the shop once.

And he wanders down another aisle.
I process his goods through the till.
I comment to another customer,
that some people just ignore the signs.

They reply  No wonder his wife and dog left him.



A Sister

They won’t let me attend her funeral.

It says only immediate family.
I’m her brother. How much more
immediate can you get?


Child In

backseat of a car I am passing
as I work back from shopwork.

I want to see Nannan, Why can’t I
see Nannan? she sobs,

We can’t love,
else we might make Nannan
very poorly.

But I want to see Nannan!
My hugs will maker better.
Why can’t I see Nannan.

You don’t want to make Nannan poorly,
do you?

I want to see Nannan.







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