Memoir / New Voices at LM / Poetry · 18 February 2021

The House

Alienor Bombarde

there is a yearning, burning feeling
inside the house.
the house, how it
longs, it clangs and pangs,
insists for someone to come in

take over the space, paint over the walls
to plaster the holes, fix the windows,
cover the floorboards in carpet,
fill the bathtubs with water
make tea in that stove pot kettle and
pepper the kitchen with cutlery

but hush, here someone comes
the house begs and says
stay, stay
people don’t like it when a house
can talk and feel and long
the house, it clangs and pangs

so the someones run away
double-quick and say
they’ll never go in again
and the house is empty, then.

Alienor Bombarde

Alienor is half-French, half-English. Easily confused, she’s a First Class Chinese studies graduate, and spent her year abroad at National Taiwan University, in Taipei, Taiwan. She expects to graduate from a Creative Writing Masters in September ’21 from the University of Manchester. She has recently launched a Podcast series “Reading Writers” with the Centre for New Writing in Manchester, and hopes to learn and improve as she goes along. She has written reviews for the Mancunian Review, Sphinx Review and the Mancunion, and for Fly On The Wall Press as part of her position there as Publishing Intern. Her short fiction ‘The Purple Tree’ will be published on the 15th of February by X-R-A-Y literary magazine.

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