In   M A N O E U V R E


L Y N N E   S C H M I D T


They find her body the day after the missing persons alert goes out.

The newspapers will write about how her husband was

                    such a loving man -
                    he donated money, time, energy.
     he was an all star student and they were high school sweethearts.

They smiled in every one of the pictures on social media.

And while the papers are so busy glamorizing this man
with his wife’s blood still wet on his hands,
they will fail to report the outbursts,
the screaming matches,
the fists through walls,
fists near faces,
bruises on bodies covered by clothes -
the things that eclipse what a good man is.

They won’t tell us about the hospital visits,
the desperation to get away,
the dancing on eggshells to make sure everything is perfect
the apologies and promises of
      “I swear, I’ll change. 
          This will never happen again.”
And they want to believe it.

After they find her body,
the newspapers will only tell us of the great man,
and the woman who went back to him.


Headliner image: canstock free images.





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