Pushcart Nominations

For the first time LITERATI MAGAZINE has selected both Best Of The Net and PUSHCART Nominations. After much heartfelt and difficult deliberation, we have selected the following six nominees: We … Continue reading Pushcart Nominations

Unclaimed Bodies

for scores of Nigerian Youths murdered by policemen in Awkuzu UNCLAIMED BODIES featured in SEASON OF SORROW ADEDAYO AGARAU in this dream, i pluck the bullet from the body, collect … Continue reading Unclaimed Bodies

Four Letter Word

ZIGGY DICKS I see it blink on the screen like a digital second hand a four letter word for me   It’s emblazoned at the top an insult of forgetfulness … Continue reading Four Letter Word


  Z I G G Y  D I C K S       I fell into poetry a great idle work and I never stumbled in digging truffle words … Continue reading Syntax

A Ghost Story

  Z I G G Y  D I C K S     My road is car-swollen as the sun, a pink blister is antennae-lanced leaking crows to trees House … Continue reading A Ghost Story

When Life is . . . elsewhere

  Like many youngsters growing up in the Seventies and Eighties, my political landscape was deeply shaped by the seemingly interminable issues in the Middle East. My own teen years … Continue reading When Life is . . . elsewhere

by the river Eridanus we sat down and wept

  by Shahzeb Ahkter   Metamorphoses. book II.   weeping to the engraved grave lies neath which a ‘daring and high spirit’ by the river Eridanus, Clymene and the clement sisters … Continue reading by the river Eridanus we sat down and wept