Three things I’ve lost

Trish Bennett   Time. There was plenty in my youth, so I took a break, or ten, suddenly I’m middle aged.   Career. To be honest, I didn’t lose that … Continue reading Three things I’ve lost

Six Excursions

Trish Bennett Exams I’m an exhibit, pinned, at the far wall of a draughty gym.   The floor’s lined out for balls. The double doors of escape lie hours away. … Continue reading Six Excursions

The Dance

Trish Bennett Before the dawn smog clears,                    we weave in chains. At intersections,                    we criss-cross — cross our ruby lights, linked      one behind the other as we drive each other … Continue reading The Dance

Say Only This . . .

©Literati Magazine 1999-2020. All rights reserved       DAVID  FRANKEL   As the First World War passes out of living memory, its centenary gives us the opportunity to commemorate … Continue reading Say Only This . . .

The Story Of Us

    If I’m gonna be alone, then let it be with you. That is how I will probably forever feel about him. He left me. He still kills me … Continue reading The Story Of Us


    Shawn Keller   In the place they called Augusta General                                                                                       in 1973, birth defects had to be profound to be noticed: Humpbacked Mongoloids, Thalidomide Flipper Men … Continue reading MC1R