Mark Antony Owen is a reticent, subtle, yet undeniable force in the outlier indie publishing world. Creator and curator of iamb, a poet directory and quarterly journal inspired by The Poetry Archive, Mark seeks out the exceptional voices among contemporary poets and publishes quarterly volumes in which readers both read and listen to poets read three of their own poems. To read and hear his own writing is to experience exacting craft which blends into the imagist-syllabic lines like fine architecture, illuminating, rather than distracting from the poetic lyricism underpinning this unique and often breathtaking literary landscape, in which he captures moments of raw biography in the cartography of ordinary urban and rural living.

Mark’s reading of his own writing strikes an uncommon commanding tone and control of cadence enhanced by the compelling quality of his voice; sincere, unpretentious and free of the common contrivances of poetic readings. He has one of those refreshingly rich voices I could listen to all day.

The poems are visceral tapestries woven from complex experiences distilled; each deeply evocative of personal moments which are common to us all, yet perceptively captured and made all the more memorable by his deep regard for language. Simplicity is the all-encompassing, self-effacing voice of his artistry and I am honoured, as a publisher and colleague that Mark selected Literati Magazine to launch his latest Subruria volume and it is a personal privilege to host work of this calibre.



The syllabic poetry of Mark Antony Owen centres around that world where the rural bleeds into the suburban – a world he calls ‘subrural’. Since 2010, Mark has written about this world using his own nine original forms, sometimes with subtle variations. His economic poems cycle through themes of love and loss and what we think we remember. They shift back and forth, un-chronologically, between things observed and things recalled. These are poems at times general, at others, intensely personal. Based in subrural East Hampshire, England, Mark is the creator and curator of the quarterly journal/ poet library iamb and author of the digital-only poetry project Subruria

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