LITERATI MAGAZINE has a long-standing editorial policy of publishing by invitation. During its brief time on the Medium platform this changed to an open submission policy.

While the editorial policy regarding style and form is not restricted, we do look to showcase strong, engaging, original writing.

Please read the work we publish. Our writers would deeply appreciate your support as readers/subscribers to our print editions as this enables us to plan pamphlet and book projects, adding to your reading and writing enjoyment.





If you select to submit, please ensure your submission is

  • Clear of basic errors and structurally sound.
  • That any quoted or ‘found poetry’ is correctly attributed to sources.
  • That you indicate if the work has been previously published or, is simultaneously published.
  • Any infringement of copyright, by failing to acknowledge sources accurately, will result in the submission being rejected.

POEMS should not be longer than 40 lines and please do not submit more than three at a time.

FICTION should not exceed 7500 words.

Images, film extracts, music and inter-disciplinary works

  • must be original works.
  • copyright remains with you and it is your responsibility to acquire relevant rights where necessary should you be including the original work of others and to declare sources.
  • Any infringement of copyright by failing to acknowledge sources accurately, will result in the submission being rejected.

General Points to Note

  • Familiarity with work we publish is always an advantage.
  • Artists and writers whose work may be selected or included in the LITERATI MAGAZINE print editions will be notified directly and the publication details discussed individually.
  • Should LITERATI MAGAZINE seek exclusive usage, or access to rights, this will be discussed directly on an individual basis.
  • LITERATI MAGAZINE reserves the right to reject work it deems inflammatory, racist, gratuitously violent and sexually explicit / abusive.
  • Should you wish to submit work for professional critique or commentary please indicate this clearly in the subject of your submission, as it will not be added to the reading for publication list.

Thank you for your interest in LITERATI MAGAZINE.

S U B M I S S I O N S     F O R M 



To ensure the protection of writers and their work, comments are disabled at editorial discretion. Letters to the editors can be sent via our online contact form.