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 “… Somewhere between chance and mystery …”


In every era, the ‘Establishment’ entrenches its own kind of power over artistry, and as this century closes its second decade,  it is a status quo seemingly intent on killing off originality and the artistic voice.

Artistry and Nature are under threat and we cannot survive without either. We are creatures of experience, and telling stories is innate to our very fallible,  yet fabulously resilient human nature.

Amidst the drama and the laughter, the tears and the tantrums, the loss and the exuberant joy, storytelling is not just something we do, it is what makes us who we are: We are a storytelling species. We tell stories all the time; with art, sculpture, dance, film, photography and every other way we allow our imagination to explore.

In the spirit of Luis Bunuel, and the original Dadaists, Literati Magazine is dedicated to that ‘somewhere between chance and mystery’ where Imagination can dare to thrive.


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