S H A U N A   D I X O N   began her infatuation with the arts at just three years old, her passion for singing a gateway to her self-expression. Since then, Shauna mainly works on paintings highlighting multicultural females as well as freelancing art projects for her precious family.

She is currently a junior at Centennial High school, Las Vegas.

She recently launched a small business alongside her two sisters called “CM Cups” where she makes personalized custom mugs.

She enjoys a range of extracurricular activities and hobbies, partaking in three clubs, amassing

over fifteen awards in musical theatre, and until recently participating in student council at her local high school. She is also a passionate member of TCMI church where she is a Preschool Teacher as well as a member of the worship team. Now at sixteen, Shauna is an aspiring singer, writer, actress, and artist from Las Vegas where she lives with her eight siblings, two talented parents, and equally amazing grandparents.


L I P S T I C K   &   O T H E R   S E R V I T U D E S


Artwork  for  “And Sometimes  . . .  Mama” by Ama Nyamekye


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