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People are the lifeblood and the heartbeat of the stories and poetry we publish; of the artistry we celebrate in all its forms. Indie publishing is stronger in its collaborative power. Joining forces allows us to amplify important discussions that affect every single artist, regardless of where they live. Literati Magazine and Rare Swan welcome the opportunity to work alongside every patron, artist writer, performer, photographer, in whatever endeavour so that the artistic voice is never stifled. Four and Five Star patrons go beyond contributing to publishing and community projects, Your support allows Literati Magazine and Rare Swan Press to contribute on the global stage in hosting international events, reading, seminars and retreats. Your involvement will be influential to how we build an inter-disciplinary and inter-cultural space, across the globe for art, literature and cultural life, where ever it might flourish.

At LITERATI MAGAZINE and RARE SWAN PRESS, any patronage is held to be a mutually invested collaboration; one which shares insights, ideas and opinions in an open forum, to discuss together how to best pool and share expertise and knowledge for the benefit of all our writers and readers.

We will  engage with partners who are dedicated to ensuring an independent legacy across artistic disciplines.  Our appreciation will be personalised and we shall personally engage with every patron, regardless of contribution, as a valued member of the Rare Swan Press family.

Success is more than money, it is defined by gratitude and reciprocity in the shared grace of a common purpose. Thank you for supporting our endeavour to keep artistic voices independent and relevant.

PRIVACY:  We take privacy seriously, so please, review our  Privacy Terms & Conditions.

Thank you for your support.

The LM Team

LM Emporium


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