This new selection of poems are selected from numerous previous collections without covering any chronological order. Instead the editors have selected a more ethereal thematic journey wherein the poems read “like a continuous narrative some 70% of the way, like a Yeatsian attribute of a the good poem ” A moment’s thought.”  It is this unconventional opening out of the inner literary narrative within this poetic collection which brings the enduring mythical persona of Suibhne Geilt to the fore, in many of its guises; from a mediaeval Suibhne disconnected from family and place, to the dispossessed of a recent Syria, Tibet and Palestine, in a discernibly dissenting voice.  Throughout the collection John Ennis seeks out the vibrancy and and ever urgent human voice and demands of us, as readers, to question our own sense of place and belonging as we are invited into both personal and historical stories of loss, heroism, bravery and love.  Edited by Niall MacGiolla Bhuí and Renée Sigel.


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