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REJECT is an on-going anthology to showcase work rejected by publishers or small presses. Its intention is initiate a conversation which addresses the standard practice of Rejection as an default attitude to submissions.  Literary history is shaped by the ways in which mainstream, traditional publishing practice of Rejection as an implicit part of the ‘acceptance’ process undermines itself by the sheer number of  rejected works which have become towering and iconic literary reference points of quality, ingenuity and originality.

Artistry is still beset by this undermining practice and LITERATI MAGAZINE believes it is time to bring this conversation out into the public domain.  At no point does this collection seek to shame or to deny the general rule that the value in rejecting work is one of good faith and qualitative gate-keeping and that authors and artists learn from being rejected. This is not what this collection debates. This collection seeks to showcase the diversity and originality of artistic and literary endeavour, regardless how far against the conventional grain. We have invited artists, writers and performers to engage in conversations about Rejection to explore both its benefits and negative impact.

Mostly it is to de-shame and in so doing, speak to the value of imagination rather than conformity.



L I T E R A T I   M A G A Z I N E

acknowledges and expresses it gratitude

to all those who braved contributing

and we salute your courage.


T H A N K   Y O U


Jo Sweeting                     Sculptor

Himangi Shekhawat                      Fiction & Poetry

Stephanie L. Harper                    THREE POEMS

D. E. Fulford                    Poetry

Z D Dicks                           Poetry

Samuel Snoek-Brown     Fiction

Paul Attmere                    Fiction

AJ  Ashworth                        LEATHER

Jasmina Kuenzli                           THE DROUGHT

Liz McGrath                   Poetry



More coming soon . . .

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