· 16 July 2020



  R E J E C T I O N       A N T H O L O G Y

L I Z    M c  G R A T H


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can touch me
as I fall asleep
I am an island
secluded in a sea of duvet
if you try to pull me to you
and hold me tight
I’ll wriggle
like a worm
on a hook
limbs draped over mine
feel like deadweights
dragging me to the bottom of a pool
an embrace is a cage I must escape
I am awake and alert
as Houdini
it’s frustrating
especially when
the last thing I want
is to be alone
I would love to curl up
in your arms
like they do in movies
but my mind can’t find
the off-switch
I have offended numerous ex’s
with my strange midnight requests of
can you please
move over
to your side
of the bed?
with you it was different though
you just somehow seemed to know
put your deaf left ear to the pillow
nestled your back
into mine
and like this
we fell asleep
and have done ever since
coccyx to coccyx
vertebrae to



Screenshot 2020-07-16 at 15.39.30

I don’t care if it’s a lie
I want us to undress

Feel you on top of me
taste your caress

You’ll speak the words
i’ve longed to hear

That you couldn’t say
because your heart wouldn’t play

I never did understand that song
but I do now, all too well

Tell me lies
tell me sweet little lies





Image credits: “unmade bed”  shuttershock  / skeleton, “Innerbody”; Tim Barclay, Phd








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