On Long Way Round . . .


S T O R I E S   I N   T H E   T I M E   O F   A   P A N D E M I C



P A U L   S .   L .   B R O O K E S


In the middle of serving a customer,
a tall young man and smaller woman burst
over the “No Entry” signs stride towards my till,
grey plastic packages in their hands.

Post Office? I ask.
Yeh, replies the tall man.

Sorry. Please can you go the long way round.
What! Shouts the man.
Trying to keep people safe. Only following
Government advice.
Government advice is bollocks! He replies
turning round and going the arrowed way.

I apologise to my other customer tell her folk
find it hard that it’s long way round and patience

she asks,

I need to go to the post office queue.
Do I have to join the queue outside?

Initially, I say she needn’t, then
thinking of others in the queue.
Perhaps it would be better if you did.
I’m completely fine with that.

The tall man appears round the corner,
shouts Sorry about that, mate.
Perhaps the smaller woman had had a word
on the long way round.






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