R O S E   M O N T C L A I R E


I have known for some time, that I am nothing
to you.
To all those, who profit from not only the taxes I pay you,
my supposed advocates.
But also my life, as you can only see money.

When I moved here, I thought I had found something.
My place.
Away from those golf clubs I worked for years, the wealthy,
making me as miserable as they were.
They only saw my body.

At the Madison Club, I could get away from all the locker room talk.
I was a professional.
But I realized so quickly that I gave up innuendo and
bribes for my body,
to see how government works.

I was nothing to Robin Vos, but the person who brought sundries as
deals were made.
Behind closed doors, in their safe place (my place)
the lobbyists could speak off the record.
I saw how it all actually worked.

Walker decided he wasn’t safe walking three feet into the building from his limo,
he demanded escort.
We searched the building for the only person who could take the time,
to be a human shield. He was a wonderful man from Mexico.
I wonder if I went back there, if I could still see him.

Walker was so worried about the choices he made as governor,
For the People,
that if he wasn’t on the private floors he’d have the blinds drawn.
No one could shoot him from the Monona Terrace,
if they couldn’t see him.

Justice Roggensack was there too, for her lunch meetings with
people of power.
Now that I work somewhere else, I see her all the time living the high life,
As though she isn’t mainly to blame for so much of this.
However, she sees no wrong in her actions.

What really hammers home that we are nothing through all the things
we know and hear,
is Robin Vos in a PPE and mask out at the polls, with so many healthcare workers
unable to keep themselves and families safe.
When those who made the decision to send us out can’t be seen.

My knowing and worried mind is nothing, nothing compared to the sacrifice
of essential workers.
My industry is destroyed and I’m in the unemployment system,
hoping tomorrow is the day I get my claim through.
I’m waiting for any money to be seen.

Meanwhile the politicians and courts do what they have always done,
Meanwhile we wonder if we will have food for tomorrow.
When if we risk going out, might just make us,
another death statistic to be seen.





photo credit: ©Robin Vos


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