Nina Szarka is a poet, essayist, and instigator of collaborative madness based in the United States. Her antics include directing surrealist carnivals, organizing collaborative art shows, offering typewritten insults and validations on street corners, and inciting acts of lunacy for the common good.

Her work is devoted to exploring the terrain of vulnerability, resistance, and human connection in a tumultuous and often terrifying world.


Her 2017 TED X talk entitled Radical Vulnerability: Choosing Authenticity as an Act of Resistance expounds on the idea that people must embrace vulnerability in order to resist the rising tide of fascism and late stage capitalism, imploring audiences to stop measuring their value with the status quo and push through barriers to connect with one another as a form of rebellion.

Nina’s poems and fiction can be found the following publications: Return to the Gathering Place of the Waters,Undine of the Waves, Great: Poems of Resistance & Fortitude, and The Compendium: Chronicles of the Floating City and Night Carnival, and on Medium, where she is a top writer in Love, Culture, and Poetry. Nina is currently working on a collection of poems and essays under the working title “Bodies of Water”.  Mostly, Nina just wants you to be okay.

She is Assistant Editor at Literati Magazine as of April 2020.



Shelter in Place

Standing Rock, Feb 22


Instructions for a Drowning

Small Hands 




Poems about Poems