Maudlin(1)                                                                                                    M E H R E E N  A H M E D  is an award-winning, internationally published and critically acclaimed author. She has written Novels, Novella, Short Stories, Creative Non-fiction, Flash Fiction, Academic, Prose Poetry, Memoirs, Essays and Journalistic Write-ups. Her works have been podcast, anthologised and translated in German, Greek and Bengali. She was born and raised in Bangladesh. She  currently lives in Australia.






S H O R T   F I C T I O N


The Interlude



Awards and Nominations

2019: The Blotted Line and Moirae, Author Shout Reader Ready Award for Anthology, Bronze Medal Honourable Mention / The Pacifist, Author Shout Ready Ready Award for Historical Fiction, Silver Medal Recommended Read / 7th Sky,   Ditmar Awards, Best Short Story / Bats Downunder,  The Best of Cafelit, 8 Anthology

2018: The Pacifist, nomination, The New South Wales Premier’s Literary Award for Christina Stead Prize for Fiction

Podcast: The Portrait, Immortal Works Flash Fiction,

2017:Jacaranda Blues, The Best of Novels, Family Novels of the Year,  The Novel Writing Festival for Short Stories / The Pacifist,  Drunken Druid Editor’s Choice

2016: Moirae, nomination, Ditmar Awards, Best Book (2016)

2015: Moirae nomination, Aurealis Award for Fantasy Short Story/Novella


2018: Anthology: German; by Frank Joussen, and D.C Hubbard (Editors),  Kleinkrieg und Frieden: Eine Collage Internationale Familiengeschichten,  / 2017: Greek by Mileva Anastasiadou, appears in Nytophilia Literary Magazine, April 25, / 2019: Bangla by Mainul Moin, appears in print in Naya Diganto Newspaper, November 29th.


Scholarly Journals
Routledge, Cambridge University Press, (Cambridge Core) / University of Hawaii University Press / Michigan State University Press / ISTE,, University of Kent / Canterbury Press / The Sheaf, The University of Saskatchewan.

Literary Journals

Anti-Heroin Chic /Wellington Street Review / Impspired Magazine /Writers and Readers’ Magazine /3 Moon Magazine / Setu Bilingual Journal / Merak Magazine / Sage Cigarettes / The Writer’s Club-Gray Thoughts / Academy of the Heart and Mind / The Bombay Review / Breaking Rules Publishing:The Scribe Magazine / FlashBack Fiction / Scars online, and Down in the Dirt print magazine / CC&D print magazine, /Nymphs Publication / Portand Metrozine / Ellipsis Zine / Ginosko Literary Journal / The Cabinet of Heed / Straylight Magazine / Creativity Webzine / Mojave Heart Review / The Piker Press / Kitaab International / Nthanda Review / CommuterLit.Com / Adelaide Literary Magazine / Scarlet Leaf Review / The World of Myth Magazine / umbelbooks /  Literary Yard /  Fear and Trembling Magazine / Terror House Magazine / Connotation Press / The Punch Magazine / Re:Action Review / Furtive Dalliance Literary Review / Flash Fiction North / Velvet Illusion Literary Magazine / Storyland Literary Review / Spillwords Press / CafeLit Magazine / Story Institute / Cosmic Teapot Publishing / Clarendon House Publication / Dastaan World Magazine / Books On Demand, Germany / Your Nightmares: Nyctophilia / gr Magazine,Best Poetry:Contemporary poetry online /