A Taste for Art

Samuel Snoek – Brown

The Man From Missoula.

“My Head Is Disconnected” Exhibition of Art by David Lynch

Review by David Frankel

My Back To Nature. George Shaw

Review by David Frankel

Sometimes It’s Preferable To Breathe

In Black & White

I Love The 80’s

John Manuel Arias

Holiday Interrupted

Liz McGrath


Hibah Shabkez


Christopher Raley

Lipstick & Other Servitudes

When Leaving Looks Like A Body Bag

Lynn Schmidt

Lipstick & Other Servitudes

Before Me.  [Shaped By : Resistance]

Georgia Kelsey

Lipstick & Other Servitudes

The Thing That Happens To You In Cars

Kristin Garth

Artwork Jeremy Gaulke

Lipstick & Other Servitudes

Black Lives Matter

Photo Essays by Hannah Biller

On Locust & Holton Street

Civic Murals Milwaukee

Milwaukee March. Black And Tired.

Black Lives Matter. 2020

There Comes A Time When Silence Is Betrayal.

Black Lives Matter. Milwaukee 2020

Rejection Anthology

Back To Back

Lynn Schmidt

My Private Idaho

Jerry Stewart

Three Poems

Stephanie L. Harper