LM  E M P O R I U M  is the store front

for both

L I T E R A T I   M A G A Z I N E   A N D   R A R E   S W A N  P R E S S.

We are creating a promotional and sales platform to support artists, writers, photographers, whether ot not they are published in Literati Magazine or by Rare Swan Press.

LM E M P O R I U M Store


We believe in supporting as broad spectrum of artistry as possible, especially as we are still working toward being able to join those journals fortunate enough to be able to commission and pay contributors. We wish to showcase the breadth and versatile scope of work being produced and are open to collaborative partnerships.

Please contact the publisher for more information as to how to have your work included in our                LM E M P O R I U M  Catalogue.