Jay Bird

S E A S O N   O F   G R I E V I N G

M A R K   F I D D E S

My friend Jay is a blue jay.
He talks to the part
that is always listening,
your heart.
You leave the theatre
with your very best self
sitting primly in your pocket
for an hour or two.
Or you switch off the telly
to sleep deeply because
he won the war for you
banishing all your baddies.
My friend Jay is a green jay.
He helps you find
what you have lost
or maybe never had,
your voice.
Even when you are edited out
of school or home or work,
he says “yes that’s your scene.”
Steal it.
To all your pink diminishing,
be the tall, dark, handsome
stranger, like him.
My friend Jay is a brown Jay
He always clears you a seat
at the crowded table.
He finds you a glass,
welcomes you to the cast.
Jimmy Cagney style
he reminds you
“this ain’t no rehearsal, kid.”
(He loves double negatives.)
No critics. No subtitles.
Just live out the role
that’s loosely, juicily you.

In Memoriam

Jay Benedict 


Aliens. Director’s Cut. Best known for his television roles as Doug Hamilton in the soap opera Emmerdale, and as Captain/Major John Kieffer in  Foyle’s War, in the episodes Invasion and All ClearThe Dark Knight Rises (2012), Double Team (1997)  The Hundred Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared (2013).

(11 April 1951 – 4 April 2020) from COVID-19

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