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to LITERATI MAGAZINE. We invite you to explore a range of literary and artistic voices. We are a community of journalists, writers, photographers, artists, film-makers and more. At RARE SWAN PRESS and LITERATI MAGAZINE, our publishing ethos is unapologetically rooted in principles of liberty and humanism. Truth is impartial and it never pretty and we champion voices on the periphery and believe in the powerful force of collaboration. We strive to serve and protect the independence of the artistic voice where ever it strives to thrive.

Our current featured portfolio projects cover themes and topics which might be considered as controversial or sensitive to some readers. We ask you approach these themes with respect and an open mind. None of what we publish is intended to offend. We do not tolerate abusive content, nor comments which incite racial or sexual prejudice. All comments are closely moderated. As we publish work by minors, we do not accept sexually explicit material.

If you wish to have your work considered for publication, please acquaint yourself with the work we publish and read our submission guidelines carefully. Should you wish feedback on any submission, please submit through our Editorial Review services.

We look forward to your company, thank you for taking the time. If you are interested in supporting us, please select from our support offerings in LM EMPORIUM and we appreciate your support. Please share generously; our artists, writers and poets deserve all the support in the world.

The Literati Magazine Team.

More About Us


We welcome unsolicited submissions, however, please ensure your submission is prepared and edited and adheres to our guidelines. Occasionally we respond to work we believe has potential. Should you specifically wish to have feedback on a submission, whether or not it is accepted for publication, please contact us with ‘editorial service query’ in your subject line.

Please do not expect a response within a week. Momentarily, we are a very small volunteer team behind both Literati Magazine and Rare Swan Press and sometimes delays are unavoidable.

Should you wish to submit a project or book proposal, please submit a query letter with a brief description of the proposal and motivational paragraph as to why you believe Rare Swan Press would be a good fit and take a look at the Rare Swan Press website.




Paperback €18.50

Going Back to Wyoming John Ennis.

Co-editor & Interior Design, Rare Swan Press

Paperback €16.00

Green Carnations. Edited by John Ennis.

Interior Design, Rare Swan Press


SoftCover 100Words of Solitude
Paperback Edition
Luxury Hard Cover Charity Edition

Editors Philippa & Simon Holloway

We are delighted to collaborate with editors and publishers, writers, artists and media professionals.