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by Shahzeb Ahkter




Amy Winehouse,
do your bones still jazz for us;
from beneath the heaviness,
from that other world?
The tattoos were permanent
and I remember the boldness,
the expressiveness.

A tiny thing,
this life;
do you believe in ghosts,
or in love at first sight?
O’ saki, bring me my chalice,
and what on earth are you doing at 5
in the morning
with your Telly’s full voice.

Eyes smashed with ink,
kohl maligned with soil
and a non existent thing,
this memory:
I never understand of what eternity
writers, singers, actors, boast.
I don’t understand
how it helps post-final sleep.
I mean you’re deep in slumber,
and that’s just it.
Hamlet’s poisoned blood splattered
over the soil,
and alcohol through your veins
..back to black, back to black..
back to sleep.




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