Art / Poetry · 4 March 2018

by the river Eridanus we sat down and wept


by Shahzeb Ahkter


Metamorphoses. book II.


weeping to the engraved grave
lies neath which a ‘daring and high spirit’
by the river Eridanus,
and the clement sisters
beat their bosoms;
the father hides his face under the robe —
a day’s old eclipse.

crescents four have waxed and down
the constant laments
continue still.
They move not,
budge not an inch
as poplar by the Thames
these now by the Eridanus,
their amber beads
bestowing the brides of Italy.

The face hid within
blames Jove,
the son stealing bolt.



Photo credit: The Fall of Phaethon — Hendrik Goltzius (1558–1617)


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