Memoir / New Voices at LM / Poetry / Writing · 31 July 2020

A Wonderful Noisemaker


I S I O M A   J E M I M A H   O K O N I C H A 


A solicitor and not solitude, we need. Where words fail
and eagles rein their talons, we pay dues to walk through
the mountains forgetting that we are in disarray.

Birds will fly if we let them; begotten and tasted, benevolent
but withdrawn. A lesson to learn. I come to hold your hand
but you refuse to walk along.You think  it is a siege

You grow suspicious of everything. And then the gold is lost.
Make room for a hand; you think you stroll on double feet. You
conquer the waters and cross the bridges; but you’re left alone

It didn’t happen overnight. You’ve carved this trail: elders lead,
the young, agree to be led: Don’t go about telling. Bred because
you have a thread that won’t remain.

In the dances of tantrums, held side by side, I come to deliver                                                  and yet you refuse: ‘Do it my way’ is your logo. Know that there’s                                              an eclipse in the way of the begotten.
The stranger that sleeps on the sofa, you think he’s a novice. He’s                                             a warrior and you must know that from past experience; a wonderful
noise allows itself to be taught

-what have you learned lately? A call for another effortless remark
When you hide your troubles; we must go on a journey of greatness
Wonderful noisemaker I will lead you now.

you need a hand
So I’ll stay.





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