A Half Hidden


S T O R I E S   I N   T H E   T I M E   O F   A   P A N D E M I C 


P A U L   S .   L .   B R O O K E S


muffled voice, new outline,
defined by scarf, blue surgical mask,

as I blip through their goods, I hear
a verbal tic, discern stubble or recognise

hands as they pass money to me,
and recognise a regular customer.

Revealed more slowly the pre-pandemic
world hints to us, gives us clues to how it was.

So we don’t forget how it was, how is it
how it is, why it is where it is.

Added line to previous:

when one world will hold our full attention,
we will be fully here and more alive.






Image source: media.npr.org

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