Literati Magazine, from its inception, has adhered to principles of  journalistic integrity and credibility.
  We regard the trust of our writers, contributors and reading public as paramount and we instill reputable conduct in every aspect of our services.

As a literary and journalistic cultural magazine, our principles are based on longstanding and accepted trade traditions and practices: Proper research, honesty, balanced argument or critique, objectivity. In maintaining publishing standards and media integrity, everyone associated with Literati Magazine undertake the following:

  • Dignity and respect underpins everything we do.
  • False or fake reportage in any shape or form will be deleted and the contributor suspended from the site.
  • Essays will not be written with intention to incite and will present opposing viewpoints with alacrity and fairness.
  • All images need to be clearly sourced and accredited. Original material must be indicated and copyright stated.
  • Contributors wishing to maintain their anonymity must discuss this with editorial staff before submitting or publishing a piece.
  • Editorial and copy corrections will be overseen by senior publishing staff.
  • Quotes and or excerpts are to be openly attributed within the text or as a footnote. Quotations marks denote conversation whether in a fictional or reportage. With respect to interviews, these are cleared with the interviewee before publication to ensure accuracy and minimise ‘misquotes’. This is a courtesy and not a right to dictate alterations. Ellipses demarcate sections omitted within the quotation, which usually occurs in reference to context, not expressly to infer  censorship.
  • Plagiarism is unacceptable. We welcome notification from readers of any suspicious content.
  • News or information supplied by other institutions we support and publish,  it is on the assumption they have conducted their own due diligence in cross checking facts.
  • Accuracy and verification is essential on factual essays and articles.


Literati Magazine recognises the necessity for securing the safety of some of its writers and contributors. Retribution, violence and imprisonment are everyday realities for writers, artists, photographers, actors, dancers, directors and journalists. We take these threats seriously. It is an editorial decision and not one taken arbitrarily by any writer or contributor whose work we publish or feature. We cannot however take responsibility for events and circumstances out of our control which may nonetheless prove potentially compromising.  We strive to ensure Literati Magazine is a safe haven for artists and writers regardless of their circumstances or places of origin.

In cases of anonymous sources we ask contributors to keep their notes as factual and accurate as possible with full disclosure to senior Literati Magazine editorial staff and its publisher.  Literati Magazine does not support rumour-mongering.

Diligence is sourcing information is a priority.

Corrections are dealt with immediately and acknowledged.

Articles, images and published stories or poems will be ‘unpublished’ at the request of the contributor wishing to leave Literati Magazine and no longer wishes to use the website.


Any queries can be addressed here .