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L I T E R A T I   M A G A Z I N E is an international, independent arts journal. It is published by Rare Swan Press. We stand for free spirited imagination and defend artistic freedom. Our editorial interest is primarily custodianship of the artistic voice. We support inter-disciplinary vision and an open cross-cultural conversation. We welcome submissions from anywhere and strive to be a safe global artistic showcase. Readers who find, for example, Arabic and Jewish artistry showcased side by side, or Gender-neutral writers featured just as any other, in any way objectionable, are encouraged to explore the artistry first, rather than retreat into objection, or worse, into prejudice. We strive to be fully representative and do not regard artistry as confined to any ideological framework. We monitor and undertake due diligence to ensure that none of our public platforms are undermined. The safety of our contributors is a priority.

Literati Magazine began as an experiment in 1999. At the time finding articles, interviews, writing or anything relating to the arts tended to be found in specialist magazines or academic journals. After five years of experimentation, research and more experimentation, Literati Magazine was launched online in 2004 with the aim of reading more like a magazine than a website. I had no clue if it would work or if it would be of interest to anyone; so much so I presented the idea of Literati Magazine at the London Book Fair in 2005 with no promotional materials. I introduced myself and by the end of the book fair, I had been introduced and had been offered the support and endorsement of some wonderfully generous and open hearted literary personalities, whom I wish to acknowledge: From my initial conversations with Allesandro Gallenzi and Julian Rothenstein, who introduced me to the ever lovely Kate Moss – a judge of Young Publisher of the Year Award, that year, to Kate Pullington, Mario Petrucci, and Georges Szirtes and his wife, artist Clarissa Upchurch, to being regaled with wonderful anecdotal stories about Italian life and soccer over lunch in Verona, with Tim Parks, to the support of Molly Crabapple, – Literati Magazine could not have had a more auspicious list of literary figures in its early issues – and my delight and gratitude for all their support at the time, remains deep. With some confidence, I walked into the American Book Expo in New York in 2005 as a ‘Small Press Exhibitor’, ready to take on the world. The reception there was fabulous and short of feeling as if Literati Magazine was about to explode on the world stage, reality hit hard, when my technical ‘guru’, based in LA suddenly pulled out from collaborating and I was left with no alternative but to shelve Literati Magazine on my return.

A gruelling eight years followed with a few notable successes and more failures and crushing disappointments than I still care to count: I attempted to create a 360 degree lifestyle design studio with the aim of offering the network I had cultivated among artists and artisans, a platform for their artistry, while raising three daughters and attempting something of my own writing career. I came really close to achieving something worthwhile and it was an adventure which took me from Milan to the Outer Hebrides, to Paris, London, Geneva and the even the Diamond Exchange in Tel Aviv – again with the support and generosity of some remarkable individuals. Life again seemed to have different plans. As seems to be the case in most stories, turning points bring one back to one’s roots at some point, and it was no different for me. Writing and publishing drew me back and I relaunched Literati Magazine on my own on Medium in 2016. Again I had no idea if it would work. Before I knew it, it took on a life of its own and within two years it had grown to the point it needed its own website, and here we are, two years later, featuring the work of over 100 artistic talents and being read in over 120 countries. Not too shabby I think, for a one – occasionally two person team behind the scenes and still, neither Literati Magazine, nor Rare Swan Press, would not be anything without You . . .


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Editorial Code of Conduct


None of Literati Magazine’s contents may be copied or disseminated without the express permission, in writing, from Literati Magazine’s publisher and from its writers and contributors.


Anyone wishing to quote or re-publish, please get in touch for more information about permissions and licensing fees.

House Rule : Zero Tolerance

We DO NOT support or tolerate racism, sexism or violence in the guise of ‘freedom of expression.’

Thank you for joining us.

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