by Shahzeb Ahkter

act-II | scene-V.

“One day, Jimmy died.
Frozen in time,
Chosen to remain
Forever young.”
_________ Ivana Knezevic, A Snippet of the Collective Memory.

‘They know that Hamlet and Lear are gay;
Gaiety transfiguring all that dread.’
W.B. Yeats, Lapis Lazuli.

Hamlet and Cordelia, Samson, Lear;
they do not grow old,
not a year:
Time’s irrespective to ‘em
like clocks, holding within:
Commanding with both hands, a death
that’s meticulous of time.
Their motions, acts confined
into scenes and quartos;
these Princes and Beauts, kings
are subject to the copyright(s),
— in the public domain
the scholar the reader the players.
Their roles, lives
wrapped up with closed covers.




Photo credit:  tilTed




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