Poetry / Writing · 27 March 2018

a little poem

 about dichotomy

by Lori McCray

There is no sound without silence. No joy without sorrow.                                                          No love without conditions. I once lived in a world of black                                                     and white, of either/or, of hardly ever both. It was exhausting.

There was a line which separated my ambivalence; a line                                                         like the equator. A jagged fault which ran through my existence,                                      carving everything in half. Try as I might I could not splice                                                      the splintered pieces, and felt overwhelmed with grief                                                              for whatever thread of unity my mind had stitched,                                                              before reality was ripped asunder.




Photo credit: Author. “William and Angel”.

Author’s note: I don’t know why I chose this pic. I love it. Good enough reason (Angel was killed by a Coyote, far as i can figure).”




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