We could hardly begin November and the season of gifts and giving on a more stunning note. Philippa, Simon and I, along with our hardworking behind-the-scenes team of volunteers, are thrilled to bring you the cover of this very very special, luxury hardback edition, with sewn binding, coloured endpapers, head and tailbands, gloss jacket over boards, covered in Wibalin Buckram cloth with foil blocking, on the spine.

This beautiful limited edition has been specially printed for charity and we truly appreciate the overwhelming response we have already received since revealing the cover, earlier this evening.

Please join us in this special celebration of global voices sharing their experiences of lockdown, as we enter a further pahse of uncertainty and often debilitating loneliness.

We are equally delighted to be able to shortly bring you the softcover version, with a gorgeous cover and ideal for a seasonal gift, whatever kind of traditions you follow.

To read how this wonderful project and book project came about, read more here and find pre order your copy .

We thank you all for your kindness and generosity. ALL proceeds from the Luxury Limited Edition of 100 WORDS OF SOLITUDE will be donated to charitable causes.


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